Fresh Progress

When you hear the word Jubilee you might think of a celebration, well I suppose in a round about way you’re not a million miles off. I couldn’t be happier  to pass on the latest news from The Balsall Common Jubilee Centre.  In our last Bugle article the trustees were brandishing paint brushes, frantically reorganising the building and restructuring a committee of new and existing members full of new ideas.  Well, the paint has since dried but the enthusiasm is still going strong! We are  busier than ever and with the new injection of funding from Balsall Parish Council we can now set our sights on some much needed renovations that will really enhance the Centre’s facilities.

‘We have a new brand and a fresh space that just keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait for people to see the results of our hard work’

Diane Howell

Things have certainly moved fast and the Jubilee is becoming a recognisable, equipped, usable community space right in the heart of our community.

‘The renovation progress has been fantastically fast paced and most certainly wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of the trustees and volunteers. A whole hearted thank you is certainly deserved for all their hard work. The running and ongoing maintenance of the Jubilee space is a long term project but we have made a flying start and I know we are all excited for the future.’

Sue White


The Jubilee Centre is available for hire: whether you are interested in a one-off booking for a children’s party or a regular slot for your club or society, do contact us to find out more. Call Zoe on 07772268583