The Murmurs at The Jubilee…

Spring Bugle 2017

The Jubilee Centre, formerly the old library and based in the middle of Balsall Common, has in many ways been the village heart since it first opened it’s doors many  years ago. In fact the doors have never really shut: the space has evolved over time from a library into a community centre and The Rock Youth Club. Throughout this time there has always been a willing group of volunteers that have managed the Centre for all of the community.


If you pass the Jubilee Centre  today, you may smell the aroma of fresh paint or hear the hubbub of activity around the building. The Centre  now even boasts a beautiful little garden thanks to the Berkswell Society and Balsall Common Village Residents Association, a perfectly formed neat and tidy little space of green that seems all the more important as our busy village grows.


So whats going on?


Earlier  this year some long serving trustees (including some who had been in place since the current charity was founded in 2002) decided to step down and let some ‘fresh blood’ take the helm to steer the Jubilee Centre into it’s next phase. This new team are hoping to bring some fresh ideas that will enable the Centre to continue as a space for all the Community to use.



‘We are currently developing a long term plan for the building but it’s important that it can still be used while we grow. The Jubilee space is still available for use even whilst it is undergoing a ‘facelift’; there have been a few changes already which we think the village will love!’
Sue White, Chairperson of the board of Trustees


‘We’ve came a long way, but we aren’t  finished  yet! If you would like to help volunteer we’d love to hear from you:  whether  it’s  an hour of your time as a one off or on a regular basis.  Please get in touch!’.


Diane Howell, Trustee


We would like to welcome the whole village to come and see what’s going on. Look out for our open event later on in the year. Alternatively, do contact any of the Committee – we would be more than happy to show you around, but be warned: you may be passed a paint brush to help along the way!!

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